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Managed Services

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Today’s markets, technology, and organizational processes are changing so quickly that what was effective yesterday may not work as well today. This has created new challenges, more responsibilities, and the necessity for all of us to work smarter with fewer resources. That’s why many organizations are outsourcing some or all of their network management functions. Our Managed Services include:

  • Managed Security. We can manage all components of security, including access control, firewall functions, packet inspection and filtering, IP address management, intrusion detection and reporting. This eliminates the cost of hiring and training, and mitigates the security issues related to employee turnover.
  • Managed VPN. With more companies employing remote users, a Managed Virtual Private Network (VPN) has become a viable solution to save overhead costs and increase flexibility in enabling remote access to your network.
  • Network Monitoring. This helps prevent network and systems failure by identifying potential problems before they become incidents.

Get the superlative network support that you need.

Our network maintenance service contracts are customized to provide you with real-time support, proactive site visits, and guaranteed response times based on your unique needs.

  • Basic Plan. This is designed for small businesses that need a basic level of network maintenance.
  • Vanguard Plan. This plan is for companies that require assistance with periodic maintenance, or do not possess internal resources to handle unexpected failures.
  • Comprehensive Plan. The comprehensive plan is for companies that wish to outsource this function completely.
  • Cloud Solutions – XaaS – PaaS, IaaS, SaaS.We can provide assessments of your infrastructure and your overall business strategy to decide if a cloud based solution makes sense for your organization. We will determine the pros and cons of all on prem or a hybrid solution to save cost and maximize efficiencies while maintaining 100% secure solutions. We will work with you to design and put your cloud solution/migration into production. We work with Microsoft Azure, Amazon, and all major cloud providers.

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