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IT Service Governance.

IT Service Governance has many facets. How does your organization manage new processes, or optimize existing ones to ensure alignment between your business needs and the technology that is used in support of those needs? How do you handle change to ensure a smooth organizational transition? We offer a full range of services focused on Service strategy, design, transition and operations that stress continual process improvement.

  • Alignment. Ensuring that the business and IT are working in tandem to achieve the goals of the organization is the cornerstone of successful IT management. Surprisingly, many companies tell us this is a primary issue within their organizations. Our process experts employ the principles of ITIL® and other best practices to align strategy and execution between the business and IT.
  • Process Assessment / Gap analysis. Our consultants ask the right questions. Our proven interview techniques quickly and easily identify any gaps in your processes that are hindering profitability, employee or client satisfaction, efficiency and effectiveness. One to three days is the average time required for on-site interviews, requiring about an hour of time from each staff member’s schedule. Two weeks later we deliver our findings in an easy-to-understand matrix that compares results to best practices and includes our recommendations along with a mechanism to help you to prioritize your resolution approach.
  • Process Optimization. In theory, process optimization should be easy. In reality, it takes coordination, time, energy, and attention to detail–all of which can be difficult to extract from an already lean team with a lot on their schedules. We can help. Better yet, we get in, we help, teach and train your people and then phase ourselves out. Mission accomplished, and in reasonable time.
  • IT Metrics. What data are you collecting and why are you collecting it? If you can’t instantly identify the benefit to your business, then perhaps it’s time to revisit both the purpose behind the effort and the collection method itself. To have any value at all, metrics must be relevant. And here is perhaps the most important question–what actions are being taken based on the metrics reported? Having the right answers to these questions could make you a hero.
  • Process Documentation. You have a governance framework with policies. Now you must document the processes, tasks and work flows that underpin those policies. Perhaps you don’t even have all the policies you need. Sometimes you have to revise outdated documentation. We can step in anywhere along the way with process consultants, governance experts and technical writers who will get the job done.
  • Cultural Change Leadership. You have a governance framework with policies. Now you must document the processes, tasks and work flows that unRegardless of the reason, companies change. So do their cultures–and not always for the better. Genesis works with clients to maintain and develop the kind of positive cultural attributes that enhance corporate environments in the midst of change.
  • PMO Creation. Whether you’re starting a new PMO or simply want to instill new life into one that already exists, you’ll need methodology, enthusiasm and a track record of success. We’ll help boost motivation and identify areas of optimization in both methodology and metrics, to ensure that you’re obtaining optimal performance and utilization of resources.
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